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Uplighting For All Events

Happily Ever After Entertainment offers exquisite LED Up Lighting. Our Up Lighting systems are second to none. Our RGB (Red, Green, Blue) controllers allow us to control the color to match what you want. We can even change the colors throughout the event. Our Up Lights use LED technology so they do not put off unwanted heat and cause a fire hazard. Using Uplights at many of the venues in Asheville, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, SC or anywhere we DJ is a great way to enhance your guests experience to help make Your Dreams Come True! 


Uplighting For Asheville - Charlotte - Myrtle Beach

LED Uplighting is just one of the unique lighting services we offer. Up lights really set the mood and provide an ambiance that will lift your event to a truly special place. Consider Happily Ever After Entertainment for your event. Contact us today to see if your date is available 


Add Uplighting To Your Event

Happily Ever After Lighting and Uplighting can transform any room into one of comfort, style and feeling. Usually set to match the colors or theme of your event, uplighting can provide a dramatic feeling and aesthetically pleasing effect to any room. This lighting process involves projecting ambient light upward, usually toward a ceiling cavity, stucco wall, mantle, drapery or other object. When using the right colors and textures, the blankest canvases come to life with uplighting. The effects can be quite beautiful. 

Inlet Affairs Murrells Inlet, SC Wedding DJ Wayne Cribb

Video Testimonial For Myrtle Beach Wedding DJ Wayne Cribb Happily Ever After Entertainment, LLC & Premier DJ Entertainment at Inlet Affairs in Murrells Inlet, SC 

Event Lighting For Boone - Charleston - Hickory


Your Name In Lights

Happily Ever Afters Monogram Lighting is a great way to personalize your special day and bring additional style & elegance to your wedding reception. 


Dancing On Clouds

 Happily Ever Afters Magical Dancing On Clouds is a ‘Beautiful Dramatic Effect” that adds style and romance to your first dance together as husband & wife. Our Dancing on Clouds effect always captivates guests.

Please note; This effect is not done with a fog machine! It is a specialized dry ice effect that requires specific equipment & experience. If done correctly, It will definitely “wow” your guests. Approval from Wedding venue and onsite consultation will be required. 


No Event Too Small Or Too Big

Happily Ever After Entertainment and Premier DJ Entertainment have the ability to light up and entire ballroom or gymnasium. No event to small of too big.

Video Testimonial For Hickory Party DJ Faith Cribb

Hickory DJ Faith Cribb Happily Ever After Entertainment Video Testimonial For Retirement Party 


Lighting Color Chart

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